The first look is when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day. This intimate moment typically makes for an emotional photo opportunity.

A first look normally takes from 15 to 30 minutes. That time fits in the wedding timeline one to two hours before guests start arriving. You have to make sure that your wedding ceremony happens at the right time so you have enough time for everything.

Photo by: @Bridal Moments.

Here you have 5 reasons why you should incorporate this session into your wedding day.

  1. Calm those wedding nerves during a first look.
  2. Get that alone time.
  3. Look your best: Fresh faces and fresh clothing.
  4. Get more potos.
  5. Spend more time with your guests.

Photo by: @Bridal Moments.

The Pros of First Look Wedding Photos.

  • You can get many of the photos taken before the ceremony: It gaves you a moment before the day officially started to connect with one another and take a deep breath.
  • It gives you and your partner a few moments together: A first look definitely does not spoil the ceremony. You’ll be overwhelmed with emotion no matter what, so if you want to see your partner, don’t skip it.
  • You can capture an emotional moment on camera: A wedding is an intimate, emotional experience, and a first look means the capture of a couple together in that moment. Yes, walking down the aisle is emotional, too, but you’re not together in those photographs.


The Cons of First Look Wedding Photos.

  • You’ll have to get ready earlier: If you’re having a ceremony earlier in the day, a first look will mean you have to be ready even earlier than you’d planned—which means you have to start getting ready earlier, too.
  • Lighting may not be ideal: Yes, your photographer and videographer will try to be discrete and as far away as possible, but they will still be around. Lighting during a first look isn’t ideal. They usually happen during the day, when lighting is harsh, so you’ll probably need to take more photos after the ceremony anyway.

Just think about it, this incredible moment will remain forever in your memories.

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