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During the early history of bridesmaids, maids were tasked with not only attending to, but also protecting the bride from evil, whether that meant spirits or bandits.

In ancient Rome, it was believed the bad spirts would descend upon weddings so bridesmaids wore similar outfits to the bride to confound the evildoers.


Nowadays the bridesmaids & MoH role has changed, they help the bride to prepare all the details for the BIG DAY.

Regularly the Bridal party is made up of closest friends or family members. The day of the wedding they usually wear a same color dress in order to stand out from all the guests.

It is not mandatory to have a bridal party but they can be very helpfully in all the planning and during the wedding day, and you can assure they will be more tan glad to assisting you.

Now you know it, how many bridesmaids are you planning to have?

Photo by @Bridal Moments

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