bridal hair comb style

One of all brides’ biggest concerns is which style should they choose for their big day. Dress, shoes, makeup, hairdo, and even the hair ornament; each of these elements will express the bride’s personal style or look. Every detail is important, since the bride –by all means– wants to look her best and accomplish that lifetime moment.

Of course, we can’t forget about the famous “bridal hair comb”, an accessory that –at first sight– may look insignificant. However, it is highly relevant, as it is a quintessential part of both, the bride’s style and the wedding itself. You’ve surely heard that famous phrase that says “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”, which gives an extra meaning to that accessory, as it may represent any of those categories; a bridal hair comb may be a family relic, something given to the bride as a present, it can be borrowed from a relative, and even a beautiful blue accessory.

If you haven’t decided yet which hair comb should you choose, here you’ll find 5 great ideas to inspire you and help you look astonishing on your wedding day.

It may combine with the veil

A hair comb is extremely useful for restraining the bride’s veil and keep it on its place during the ceremony. How do you like a simple design that suites beautifully with almost any veil style?

A floral style as the hair ornament

floral style hair comb

For the party, you can remove the veil and keep the brooch as part of your hairstyle. Floral designs made of brass heighten your headdress details, giving you a delicate look, perfect for a daytime wedding.

Au naturel hairstyle

natural style hair comb

Not every bride wants a conservative style; there’s plenty of options for natural style enthusiasts. Ask a florist to use a common hair comb to add a tiny detail with the same kind of flowers as your bouquet’s. You’ll look radiant, just like a morning of Spring.

Greek-style hair comb

greek style hair comb

Laurels in headdresses and Greek crowns are symbol of wisdom and knowledge. There is no better element for your headdress. Hair combs that resemble a small laurel crown, allow you a semi-loose style that will look fantastic.

Your outfit’s blue detail

sapphire style hair comb

We won’t forget about the blue detail. A hair comb of this color does the job for contrasting with details of your style, such as the makeup. Additionally, it’ll be helpful to keep with the tradition. Ask your relatives, they might have the one you require in the exact tonality or with inlay works of sapphire gems.

Now that you’ve got a couple of ideas, it’s your turn to choose which of these options goes better with your style. To find some extra ideas and tips, don’t forget to check out our blog.

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