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The new Indian blockbuster Mr. Majnu premiered today January 25, 2019. This movie tells the story of an Indian playboy who has never had a serious relationship. Commitment issues and the atypical playboy lifestyle have blinkered his sight. But one day he finds a special girl who maybe, could change his mind.

Fear of Commitment – Mr. Majnu

Will love win the day, or will the fear of commitment keep him stuck in his old ways?

Everyone has relationship issues at some point in our lives. Some may have problems keeping a relationship, while others may struggle to find the right partner.

And some people might even just want to get over losing someone. However, to make a relationship work, the most important part thing will always be communication and trust. That is the basis of a long and stable relationship.

Most importantly, everything starts with oneself. If you have nothing going on with yourself, you might obsess over your partner become too needy.

And on the other hand, if you don’t dedicate enough time to the other partner, you might end up losing that confidence and ultimately both parties will lose interest.

At the end of the day, the best thing to do is to communicate and get to know each other. One day you will find the right moment to settle down and get married that will happen in the perfect moment.

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