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Few destination weddings rival the beauty and romance of Mexico. Factor in year round warm weather, extensive coastlines and a vast array of beautiful venues. Together, it all adds up to making Mexico the ideal destination wedding location.

Couples prize Mexico for its world-class beaches and vibrant culture.  They’re equally as enthusiastic about hosting their wedding celebration in a trendsetting environment. Much of the appeal of a destination wedding is attributable to local resorts and their all-inclusive packages. This truly eases the hassles of wedding planning.

However, with headlines that can make soon-to-be brides nervous, Weddings by Lomas Travel wants to help you troubleshoot questions and plan a seamless experience for your clients. From safety concerns to endless logistics in an unfamiliar country, the key to working with soon-to-be-wed couples is to provide them with the facts. That way, with the right plan, love can conquer all.

Destination Wedding in Riviera Maya
Make lasting wedding memories in Mexico

Easy Planning

All-inclusive weddings aren’t merely cost-effective; they’re easier to plan, too. Rather than simultaneously trying to juggle dozens of different vendors and agencies, you can simply rely on a Certified Weddings by Lomas Travel Destination Wedding Specialist.

Furthermore the staff at our resorts are experts in handling some of the most stressful elements of wedding planning. Your Specialist will also act as a travel agent, ensuring that all your guests’ flights and accommodations are booked accordingly. Thus relieving you of a lot of coordination between your friends and family.

How Much Does an All-Inclusive Mexico Wedding Cost?

Experts at The Knot estimate that couples spend an average of $33,391 on traditional, Stateside weddings. However, you can gain peace of mind knowing that the price tag for your Mexico nuptials will be far more reasonable than what you’d likely pay back home. In 2018, Weddings by Lomas Travel´s average destination wedding experience totaled under $10,000 for the couple, including  airfare, accommodations, and the wedding package itself.

All-inclusive Mexico weddings offer a variety of perks that are either unavailable or prohibitively expensive for a traditional stateside ceremony. While these perks range significantly from one resort to the next, they typically boil down to:

Complimentary Honeymoon Nights

Part of the financial appeal of Mexico resort weddings is that they encompass the ceremony, the reception, and the honeymoon all together. Typically at home, these would constitute separate expenses. Many all-inclusive Mexico resorts take this a step further by offering complimentary nights for newlyweds. This allows couples more time to relax after they’ve tied the knot, at no additional cost.

Free Room Upgrades

Mexico resort accommodations range significantly in price. The one constant, however, is that the room cost includes all meals and drinks, as well as several entertainment options. Depending on your tastes, rooms can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for your stay. El Dorado resorts offer free room upgrades for newlyweds, so be sure to ask our Wedding Specialists!

Group Incentives and Special Destination Wedding Offers

Ranging from complimentary to several thousand dollars, all-inclusive Mexico wedding packages can reduce the overall cost of the wedding by preventing you from spending separately on the venue, catering, floral bouquets, and photography. Some wedding packages include complimentary honeymoon amenities, too – win win! Better yet, free wedding packages can be found at popular chains such as El Dorado Spa Resorts.

Most tour operators and resorts have some type of wedding group amenities and extra-value offers based on the number of passengers or rooms you want to book. These can prove be very lucrative for the bride and groom and will help them off-set their own wedding costs. Again, this makes the decision to go with a Destination Wedding even more attractive.

Seeing is Believing

Never should someone blindly believe the false hype about Mexico. The best way to get a couple over any hesitation is to tell them to visit the destination. Summer is the perfect time in advance of the busy winter wedding season for them to scout venues and experience all the country has to offer. Find a great deal and encourage them to take the plunge. Be aware that many resorts offer specific programs and special incentives for clients who want to schedule a scouting trip to visit one or more resorts before they make their final decision.

What About all the Seaweed?

The recent stories in the news surrounding sargassum may concern couples that the beautiful beach they are envisioning is full of smelly seaweed. However, sargassum does not impact every Mexico destination the same way.

Take time to do some homework to know if your destination wedding locale is currently being affected.  Conditions can vary day to day given that the seaweed is driven by the ocean tides. Please bear in mind that one online photo does not tell the whole story.

The Federal and State Government in Quintana Roo are working proactively to address the issue. Furthermore, the private sector is also very proactive in fighting sargassum. For example, at El Dorado Maroma and Maroma Adventures, we control the sargassum both off-shore (physical barriers) and on the beach (daily tractor and staff pickup).

Your Destination Wedding at El Dorado Resorts

Foodies and romantics rejoice – these Gourmet-Inclusive® properties are an adults-only oasis amongst the lush scenery of Riviera Maya. Our onsite greenhouse provides fresh and local produce for every meal. Your taste buds will thank you after saying “I do” to one of our fabulous (and affordable) wedding packages.

Destination Weddings at Generations Riviera Maya
All beachfront suites. Generations Riviera Maya

With the right all-inclusive wedding package, you can amp up the experience of your destination wedding in Mexico while also easing the stress of planning. Your opportunity to wed in paradise is here – so get booking today!

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