Propose on Mother´s Day

If you plan to propose on Mother’s Day, it could lead to a sentimental moment that’s rooted in family and everlasting love.  Therefore, to help you capture the moment, Weddings by Lomas Travel has some neat wedding proposals that will make this a family affair.

Propose on Mother´s Day on Location

If you want to make it a memorable Mother´s Day wedding proposal, here are some ideas that are sure to woo her into saying yes.

During a holiday to El Dorado Maroma, Riviera Maya, Steve Hurley took Tammy out for a romantic meal overlooking the Caribbean Ocean. Imagine the surprise when Tammy´s son, Jamie jumped out of hiding to reveal a sign from Steve, to show the words ‘Marry Me’. This provided the perfect backdrop for Steve’s proposal. And a great way to incorporate the whole family into a truly memorable night.

Breakfast In Bed

The one thing that all mums pray for on Mother’s Day is to have breakfast in bed. Another cute way to propose on Mother´s Day is to get the kids to cut the toast into love hearts. Have them sprinkle some glitter and rose petals on the tray and spell out ‘Marry My Dad?’ on the cup. She won’t see that coming!

Get Creative

Whether you have kids or not, there are other creative ways to propose on Mother’s Day too. For example, if you have a pet, you could include them in the proposal with a bandana that says “Happy Mother’s Day–Will you marry my dad?” If your partner is pregnant, why not give her a small gift from your future child, followed by a ring? With creativity, you can make it a sentimental day she’ll never forget.

Good luck with your proposal. And if you need help planning your Mother’s Day proposal, then feel free to connect with one of our expert wedding planners at

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