Eyecatching Tablescapes

Eyecatching Tablescapes and Stunning Centrepieces

For your wedding day, it’s important to spend time researching and looking for eyecatching tablescapes before deciding upon what you want. Importantly, an eyecatching tablescape design brings together individual decorations in a way that best embodies your wedding theme and style. Moreover, it features stunning centerpieces, place settings and menu cards – oh my!

It is the look you’ve dreamed and pined uncontrollably about of course.  Essentially, it could be a muted color scheme with delicate centerpieces or a patterned palette with statement-making décor. Therefore, the options for your table(s) are limitless.

Incorporate Texture 

Some of the best wedding tablescape ideas are those that are the most unexpected. You can create an impressive, eyecatching tablescape by thinking outside the box.  In terms of details  and ways to incorporate color — flowers are a staple, of course, but the creativity doesn’t have to end there.  

It can be an exciting challenge to find unique visual components that inspire you and build a harmonious tablescape around them.  However it can also feel a little overwhelming.

Bring on the ‘Oohh’s’ & ‘Aahh’s’!

There’s no shame in leaving your design to the experts. Karisma resorts have a wide variety of stunning wedding tableware collections to choose from.

Eyecatching Tablescapes

To get those creative juices churning, see the Pure Glamour Memorable Moments Collection by Karisma

Mix — Don’t Match

Do the best you can to pick a color in the centerpiece that can match your flatware or complement your presentation plate, menu, or table numbers.

Candlelight Is the Best Light

Last but not least, your wedding tablescapes are all about creating the right ambience.  Candles are one of the easiest (and most gorgeous) wedding tablescape ideas for doing so. As long as you know exactly where to place them for the most visually-pleasing effect.

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