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Weddings by Lomas have been making dreams come true for over 10 years. And over the past few years, the company has been helping younger couples. The reason is obvious; it’s less expensive, more fun, and a great choice for visitors from cold climates. Apart from the money you save, it is a great experience that will make new memories with your loved ones.

Are you still undecided on whether or not you should plan a destination wedding? Here, we explain why Weddings by Lomas are a good option to say “I do” far away from home.

 Less wedding drama

weddings drama

Every married couple will tell you how stressful it is to organize your own wedding. To take care of each detail: the invitation, the guest list, the right godfather and maid of honor, the bridesmaids, gown test, family drama, finding the right place, and hiring the wedding planner; Sounds exhausting!  Also add your daily routine to this, it’s enough reason to turn in into a Bridezilla, isn’t it? Now imagine that you aren’t living the whole drama and you can enjoy your day the way it’s supposed to be. Most of the destination weddings include all services in a package. That means you are going to spend a good time with your partner through all the process.

 Your honeymoon starts earlier

Honeymoon before weddings

One of the first reasons to choose this type of wedding is thinking on the fabulous trip that you could have. Yes, you heard it right! You’re having vacations, honeymoon and wedding at the same time. You can arrive earlier to check the details and enjoy the exotic spot of your event. You have the opportunity to book a couple of tours and adventures with your partner, family and friends before the big day.

It´s tailored to your personality

themed weddings

A good point to keep in mind is that Weddings by Lomas lets you fit in all your personal wishes. You don’t have your mom or family messing with your decisions. It’s your day! We give you the freedom to choose every detail without feeling overwhelmed. If you want to have a themed party, you just need to tell the wedding planner and you will get it.

You can include your traditions

Indian weddings

One thing that all brides want in their weddings is to keep their family traditions. But come on, it’s time to renew the old fashioned way to get married. Weddings by Lomas allows you to celebrate your special day with your traditions. Normally the package includes cultural elements from your country, nationality, ideologies, or preferences, and religion. You can set up your event from an Indian or Mayan wedding to one that includes some typical cultural elements from your country, like a Mexican mariachi.

It’s a great excuse to limit the guest list

weddings guest list

Celebrating a wedding means in most cases a great expenditure. Especially when it comes to the list of those who will be welcomed to your big day. When you think it’s done, someone asks you if they could bring in a friend, boyfriend, or relative. And probably you will feel so angry to start all over again. Get rid of all that negative energy! With Weddings by Lomas you may have the perfect excuse to “forget” someone. Just invite those who are closer to you.

Guests can save some money on vacationing

vacations by weddings

Not only you will have spare time to travel before your big day, by getting married on a destination wedding, you are offering your guests an option to enjoy vacations. You can spend some time getting to know the most popular interest points. We can bet it, your beloved ones will be grateful.

We’re sure you don’t disagree with the idea, right? You can win more rather than spending in a traditional wedding that will bring you more stress and greater fees to pay. For this and more advices don’t forget to visit our blog.

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